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Carmen & Kion are lovely couple, they decided to host their wedding in Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali to take advantage of the natural scenery, sits 70 meters above Melasti Beach on the southern tip of Bali, Banyantree is one of many luxury wedding venue in Bali, the wedding venue located on cliff overlooking the beach and the Indian Ocean, so it have spectacular view. They invited about a sixty guests to Bali island in Banyan Tree for their destination wedding with a Rustic-Glamour aesthetic.

The weather are great that day, perfect blue sky with bright shiny sunlight, they have a pre-wedding shots down at the Melasti Beach, and it was a fun session, Carmen and Kion just be themself show us their love and it’s perfect moment to capture. The wedding ceremony went festive with all guest dress casually in tropical beach wear, cheering the bride and groom as they walked to the aisle and shower them with flowers and happiness.

The reception dinner held in Ju Ma Na restaurant, located in a very top of melasti cliff it has a Santorini vibes, clean white building with clear blue sky over the cliff. Rustic glamour decor fits perfectly as the set up for dinner, the night ends with spectacular fireworks after Carmen and Kion finished their first dance and kiss.

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